Some are homing pigeons, some are always lost


Some people have a built-in compass, and others have a marked lack of a sense of direction, says this article:

Writing as one who always had a pretty good internal compass, particularly in the daytime when it's sunny outside and when I know what month and what time it is, I have to say that my own impression is that relying on GPS has weakened my sense of direction slightly. Somebody, someday, will study just that question in a group of subjects, I'm sure.

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built in compass

I do remember being on a date a long time ago. I had just moved to the area and we were driving around in the hills on back roads. We stopped for a while. Then for some reason I could not figure out what direction we were going. My GF & I still joke about that night. I had to get out & find the North Star. We joke that if it would have been cloudy, we might have had to wait for sunup to find our way back.

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Pitfalls of Technology

There are inherent pitfalls to all the benefits we've enjoyed with technological advances. Calculators have diminished my mathematical skills, cell phones have reduced my ability to memorize phone numbers, computer keyboards have ruined my penmanship, Instant Messaging/Texting has hampered the younger generation's interpersonal skills, home entertainment is a leading cause of our nation's obesity problem... The list goes on.

Technological Progress going unchecked while having certain benefits, will erode your body, mind and or spirit in some fashion.

Yeah, exactly, Drew...

...I didn't go more general than the GPS in my thinking, but you're right, and now it seems obvious. When you depend on a gadget to do what you used to do without one, the built-in skill erodes. Sure.

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Keep an even ratio.

The loss of memory as I age is directly proportional to the gains in helpful technology that I can't afford. When that slips, it's time for assisted living that I can't afford.

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