Google Maps Labs


Has anybody used the "Google Maps Labs" I turned on the Drop LatLng marker and it makes it easier to create a POI.
The labs is a testing ground for experimental features. I have not used any of the other features but do like the Drop LatLng Marker.
Did a search but could not find any other mention of this on the POI-Factory.

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Thanks for pointing that out!

I never even looked at that beaker icon on the Google Maps page because I assumed it would just force me into Buzz the way everything else from Google seems to do these days. But this does seem an easier way to get coordinates than right-clicking and selecting "what's here?". I'll have to look at those other Labs options as well. Thanks for bringing it here.

Thanks for the tip. Great

Thanks for the tip. Great tool to know.

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I love google labs

I like the new geography game.