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I just got a email today (2-11-10) from Navteq:

Dear Map Reporter,

Thank you for your recent Map Report. We are pleased to inform you that we have completed our investigation.

Summary of your Map Report:
NAVTEQ Map Report number: NVTQ000005902989
SUBMITTED: 21, Jun 2008 12:42:41
DESCRIPTION: 159th Avenue on the GPS shows it as a through street. This road dead ends and does not connect into Bethany Home Road.

RESOLUTION: Map Submission Accepted
DETAILS: We are pleased to inform you that your Map Report has resulted in an update that will be included in a future release of the NAVTEQ map database.

I cant believe it took them 20 months to answer the problem with the map. BTW, the most recent map update for Garmin still does not have the above problem updated.


You probably will see it on

You probably will see it on the next update wether it be the lifetime or the one time,
I sent them one about 2 yrs ago and it just got on the latest upgrade but they didnt even send me a message. They just done it. and i found it when i looked at the update.

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Not Surprised

I've submitted several map corrections to Navteq and this is typical. I guess in their defense they have millions (maybe billions) of roads and probably tens of thousands of update requests.

I would hope there is some due diligence to ensure that the requested changes are real and not just someone who is being malicious, by suggesting changes that are wrong or dangerous.

They may have to go the the municipality to get conformation. Then they're dealing with a bureaucrat.

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This is a nice reality check!

AL Points Blog
Friday, May 25. 2007
NAVTEQ: End User Data Corrections May Take a Year or More

WRAL got a call from a dentist in North Carolina whose patients couldn't find his office because his street is not on GPS devices or Internet maps. Here's the response from NAVTEQ.

NAVTEQ spokeswoman Kelly Smith told WRAL that Pine State Street isn't listed in the U.S. Postal Service database. That's where they get the bulk of the information they provide to mapping companies.

Smith said NAVTEQ gets about 80,000 requests a day for corrections or additions, so it takes time for new information to get to the public - perhaps a year or more. But she offered to try to “escalate" Godwin's request.

With all the articles about NAVTEQ and Tele Atlas vans in the media I suspect most consumers assume that's where the bulk of the data is collected. And, I suspect consumers also think that it's a simple (and quick) matter to update a street they note is missing. This is a nice reality check!

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