EZ Pass Lane assist


Just a thought, This probably is a bad idea but I would think that knowing which lanes at toll booths accept EZ Pass or similar, or cash only, would be very helpful. This would be a more dynamic feature than exit lane assist and would need more updating. Does anybody know if this has been discussed before? Regards, John

EZ pass Lanes

I know this would be next to impossible on the New York State Thruway. There are a few exits that the ezpass lanes change, based on the time of day, day of week, and the amount of traffic. Albany NY for one does have a digital sign as you approach the tolls letting you know what lanes are ezpass only. Exit 15 (Harriman plaza) is luckily adding high speed lanes where there is no need to slow down at all

EZPass Lanes

At least at the Ohio Turnpike entrance I use most often, the EZPass lanes are based on volume - and aren't necessarily fixed lanes. While yours is a good idea, I'm not sure its practical.

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It's so nice living where there are NO tolls to pay. smile

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Broken EZ Pass Lanes

It would be nice if we could keep track of the broken EZ Pass lanes. I've gotten more than one violation notice in the mail due to PA Turnpike equipment not working correctly. Violation goes away with proper documentation, but the hassle almost makes me want to go back to cash.

On SR589 in Florida they

On SR589 in Florida they have a speed lane that goes around the regular toll lanes. My GPS tells me to stay in the left lanes going through the toll.
I havea Sun Pass (same as EZpass). When I go around the toll booths my GPS goes into recalculate mode. The speed lanes are only about 30 feet from the regular lanes.

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North Texas

North Texas toll roads are eliminateing toll booths and going to an all electronic system. Either you have a toll tag and get a discount or you're mailed a bill each month based on your plate registration. So in North Texas it doesn't matter what lane your in.

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