Garmin GPS POI Database for Red Light Speed Camera for sale on ebay


Is there a way to determine whether any content in "Garmin GPS POI Database for Red Light Speed Camera" now for sale on ebay for $99 is from the POI Factory?

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Just another vendor

Assume you mean the one for sale from Certainly many/all the same camera locations are in both places but that doesn't mean it came from here. Just another provider of that information it would seem that is trying to make money off it - just like Garmin or any others that sell that info.

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Answer: Proprietary POI database being sold on Ebay...

I worked at XYZ Services and we were having a problem with our data being copied and sold. What we did was embed bogus information into the listing (Example: Red-light speed cameras on remote mountain tops or on the bottom of the sea). When the alleged organization sold a listing to us not knowing who we were, we checked the listing for the bogus information and as we expected, it was all there!

We sued successfully and won in court AND got punitive damages plus a restraining order.


The coordinates for each intersection will be unique in the POI Factory database since they have all been geocoded by contributors. I use Google Earth and put the POI as close to the center that I can. If my numbers show up on a commercial database, busted!

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