Voice studio?


Did any of you tried the voice studio? How would you assess the results? Does it work well? Worth it to spend time recording our voice to create our own text to speech?

Voice Studio not TTS

The voice studio is not text to speech. It will only create non-tts voice files and will be unable to announce street names.

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It works well enough to

It works well enough to replace the generic speech, but it's limited since it's not text-to-speech. My wife is kind of sick of me telling her what to do though!

They really need one that

They really need one that edits the TTS. It would be nice to get local streets pronounced correctly. I guess it's not a huge deal, but it would be nice.

or one

Or one that handles abbreviations correctly.

It is a bit of a hoot to listen to it stumble over Geo Wash Mem Pkwy. It comes out Gee-oh wash Mem Parkway when the name is actually George Washington Memorial Parkway.

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Voice Studio

I tried downloading from the Garmin site a few minutes ago, and the hot link wasn't working. Wonder if they pulled it down.

updated version perhaps

Perhaps we will finally get an updated version which allows us to edit some segment of voice and keep the rest of the TTS... Should not be complicated to tweak.

Garmin Voice Studio

While it is limited in some respects, it can be a lot of fun. My daughter is always borrowing my Nuvi, so to give her an extra reason to buy one of her own, I recorded directions in Pig Latin and selected that voice before I gave it to her.

She got a kick out of it, but I got a phone call from her wanting to find out how to change it so she didn't have to think about the directions so much.

Anyway, my idea worked. She bought a Nuvi 255W a few days after she returned from her vacation.


buster2oh wrote:

I recorded directions in Pig Latin and selected that voice before I gave it to her.

iway huckledcay henway iway eadray yourway ostpay.

eway ereway isteninglay otay eamTay arminGay (attMay iteWhay) esterdayyay. ourway randsongay ikeslay attMay's oicevay.

henway eway antway otay iscussday omethingsay andway otnay avehay imhay undertandway, eway useway igPay atinLay.

youway avegay emay anway ideaway - henway ehay isway oldway enoughway otay understandway igPay atinLay, eway aymay useway oiceVay tudioSay asway youway idday grin

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Doesn't Sound Right in Written Form



It sure does seem different when written out, though!