Harley Davidson Dealers


I loaded the HD Dealers into my Garmin 550, no problem, also I loaded the HD icon into the same folder as instructed, I was hoping as I drive the Icon or POI would pop up as I neared it, is that how it should work?

Proximity settings

When you loaded it, did you manually set the proximity alerts for a certain distance? I use 10,000 ft for Harley Dealers.

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Make sure your files (POI,bmp and mp3 or wav) all have the exact same name except of the extension.

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Loading Custom POIs

1. Create a folder in My Documents and name it My POIs.
2. Put the H-D Dealers.gpx in that folder.
3. Put the H-D Dealers.bmp in that folder also.
4. Download and install the latest version of POI Loader from Garmin.com.
5. Connect your Zumo to the PC usb port and wait for it to connect.
6. Run POI Loader and make sure the Zumo 550 is selected.
7. Select the My Documents\MyPOIs folder.
8. Select Manual Mode. Enter 1320 feet (1/4 mile) when the H-D Dealers.gpx is read.
9. Wait for the notification that POI Loader has completed and ~940 POIs were loaded.
10. Remove the Zumo from the usb and wait for it to restart.
11. Wrench>(page)>Proximity Points>Proximity Alerts>Select Custom POIs.

Now when you are traveling ON THE SAME ROAD as a POI, you will get alerts and a red banner announcement at the top of the screen at 1/4 mile and two more as you get closer.

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HD Dealers

I reinstalled the dealers, set proximity at 10,000 ft, I also have the logo in the folder, I hae a dealer 1/2 mile away, it doesn't show up, if I select it from the list I get the checkered flag like any other destination, I thought the logo would show up, or at least the location like a stored favorite does.


How close are you zoomed in on your map?

And which "Garmin 550"?

Use "TourGuide"

It sets a radial alert as opposed to a straight line alert. Any dealer, in any direction at 2 miles will alert you. Think concentric circles...

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It's regular Zumo 550, not

It's regular Zumo 550, not the HD version, I expected to see the logo and POI name

I;m 1/2 mile from local

I;m 1/2 mile from local dealer, I thought I would see the logo and the name like pois on my favorites

Verify H-D Dealer.bmp

Is it this logo?
You must be zoomed in to 0.3 miles to see the logo. Names do not show with any Custom POIs on my Zumo 550 unless I put the cursor arrow on top of a POI.

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Yes, on the Zumo, you need to be zoomed to 0.3 miles or closer in order to see the icons on the map screen. (0.5 miles if you are using the British Daniel voice)

Two new POI icons

I've created new icons for H-D dealers, and have submitted it to Miss POI. But, you can preview them here: http://members.shaw.ca/anon_y_mous/images/H-D%20Dealers2.bmp



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I was having this same

I was having this same problem. turns out I was dragging the audio file and bit files from the POI-factory page to a directory on my computer and all that was doing was copying the link to those files. make sure you right click on the audio file and do a "save link as" and for the bit file I did a double clicked on it to bring up in a new window and then dragged the image to my directory with the POI file.