States roll back red-light camera usage

"Ceterum autem censeo, Carthaginem esse delendam" “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

Red Light Cameras

Seven states ban them. That's a good start.

My state, Idaho, doesn't have them. And not likely to get them.

If you ain't got pictures, I wasn't there.

Freedom isn't "FREE"

alpine1 wrote:

Seven states ban them. That's a good start.

My state, Idaho, doesn't have them. And not likely to get them.

I have read and listened to many arguments against traffic and red-light cameras. I have not yet heard anything that passes constitutional muster.

Invasion of privacy? Do advocates of this position rail against the security cameras in parking lots and stores that lead to the arrest of criminals?

A side note on the privacy issue. Most red-lignt cameras that I know of have prominent signs telling you that the camera is ahead. People are forewarned.

Money grab? Why wouldn't people prefer that municipalities get income from people who have obviously broken the law?

I wasn't driving, it was my ....? Well, there does not seem to have been an outcry against parking violations (where the ticket is given without regard to who parked the car illegally).

Surely someone who knows that cameras exist can modify their behavior in the vicinity of the cameras. Are they really claiming that "I should have the "freedom" not to have to worry about this? Because they might be in a hurry, or whatever?

For years, we have known about "speed traps" driving thru "County xxx" by word of mouth. We avoided the area or obeyed the law. What is different about substituting a "Camera" for the officer behind the proverbial billboard shown in the movies?

The more "freedoms" you demand for yourself, the more others risk being deprived of their freedoms and safety by your actions. Turn that thought around and consider whether you are totally comfortable with the results of someone else's ideas about "freedoms" being imposed on you.

We can actually use our GPSr to everyone's advantage. Whenever we slow down, we set an example for others. Whenever we come to a full stop, we set an example for others. This is regardless of whether we do this as a matter of course or because we know that a camera is watching.

Safety should be the result and that is a "freedom" we should all desire for.

I'm all in favor of safety,

I'm all in favor of safety, and that's why I'd like to see all the money from the cameras go to a worthwhile cause, rather than municipalities. After all, the public would still be every bit as safe if the money went to help out the disaster victims in Haiti, and it would help remove the appearance of their being a conflict of interest. They all say it's about public safety, so I'm sure they would not mind giving all the money away.

VA still has speed cam, but

VA still has speed cam, but the rumor is that they are inactive/

I don't object to them

for the same reasons expressed by jgermann. My only objection to them is when they tweak the timing of the lights by shortening the amber and cause people that would not otherwise be in violation to all of a sudden become law breakers.

There are enough inconsiderate people driving that need some sort of behavior modification to make them reconsider their actions. Is the pain and suffering caused by a crash at an intersection worth having to wait a couple of minutes for the next green light?

Here in AZ, one of the

Here in AZ, one of the companies that makes the cameras is trying to "sponsor" a bill that would make it so that tickets served in the mail are considered "properly served". The company's name isn't on the bill at all from what I hear, but they paid for all the legal sponsorship, etc.

I don't mind the red light cameras

but the speed zone cameras are a worry. Especially the mobile ones.

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speed cameras

I see them when I drive in Baton Rouge and New Orleans
but we really are behind the times. I lived in Germany from 1993-1995 and they were everywhere . The mobile camouflaged ones were tough, so where the mobile Polizi cams in their cars and the side of the road broke down vehicle cams. We do have signage warning us of the cam enforcement here, unlike it was there.
The German people accepted AND paid their fines and boy do they love high speed there. The myth that the autobahns were speed free was becoming a thing of the past even then.
I remember I got caught by one at night on the way home from my honeymoon. A few weeks later the fine and my picture appeared in our mailbox. The wife was able to talk us out of the fine (in her best broken German by explaining the honeymoon and new to the country thing!

right turn on red

jgermann wrote:

Surely someone who knows that cameras exist can modify their behavior in the vicinity of the cameras. Are they really claiming that "I should have the "freedom" not to have to worry about this? Because they might be in a hurry, or whatever?

Yes. I have modified my behavior when I go to Davenport IA. I refuse to make a right turn on red no matter how much horn honking behind me.

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Bad Answer!

That is juvenile, anti-social behavior. The only person you will affect by it is you when someone gets behind you that won't accept your redlight camera protest. It could end up being a lot more that just honking.

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Red light cams are at every intersection

where I live. If it's a stoplight, there are redlight cameras pointing all 4 ways. I don't speed, so not worried, but something about them still bothers me. I bet if private property across from a police station and I sat there all day with a video camera on a tripod filming the entrance, they'd run me off. And it would be because of the same uneasiness I feel when my every move is being taped.

How do we get them banned in MD

I live in MD where cameras are all over the place.

How do we get them banned here?

Wrong Dave

I am neither juvenile nor anti-social. Our local paper has many blogs that people have been ticketed when they in fact DID stop before turning right. Seems like in Davenport there is a very small zone for the front bumper. Stop too close or too far away and the camera shows the car not stopping. Davenport has zero incentive to rectify this condition.
If someone gets out of his car to protest my action, he will have to deal with me. IF he should have a weapon, I will just drive away and call 911. He will suffer, not me.
EDIT: Muscantine IA alderman wants red light camera. He proclaims it will generate much needed revenue.

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I am all in favor of preventing accidents, I just think it should be an elected official handing out tickets and not someone who is financially motivated.

Not sure. But there are more

Not sure. But there are more and more.
Hard to keep track of all of them.

Started Red Light Cameras and

then in a few months they stopped them. I quess we have so much money in Lubbock, TX that we can spend money to research something, purchase equipement, install and then decide that it wasn't a good idea!

Oh yeah....we then had to pay more money to have them taken down!