magellan POI (medieval fortification-places in Denmark)


I have made a file on my explorist 600 containing a lot of medieval fortification-places in Denmark. I do not know how to convert it to Garmin-files. If anybody should be interested, you are welcome to contact me on email.

POI Files

converting file formats

Does the software you're using have any export or "save as" options?

There are a few general-purpose software tools like EasyGPS, GPS Utility and PoiEdit that might be useful for converting file formats.

It sounds like an interesting file smile



I have now exported the file in easy GPS and I will try to upload it.


I use GPS Babel. It

I use GPS Babel. It converts to about any format and is free. It also gives good debug messages if it's unable to parse the file. I downloaded a few huge POIs that only GPS Babel was able to convert. Some of the others conversion tools just created almost empty files.

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Thank you for your hint. I have now tried to convert the file to CSV-format. I hope that I have done it correct, and that others now can use the file. It has really taken hours and hours to create it.


fenris, There were some

There were some errors with that file. I corrected them and would be willing to send it to you.


Hi Motorcycle Mama

Thank you for trying the file and correcting the errors. Yes please send the corrected file to me and I will re-upload it.


Sent via email.

Sent via email.