Thanks, best $20 I ever spent, lol


New from Tucson, had the dock mount 750 installed on Wed. Been researching Traffic/Speed Cam info for a few days found POI Factory about 3 hours ago. Looked interesting, "What the Hey" give it a try. Well I'm not a geek, took me about 10 minutes to go try time(had found and downloaded the Garmin POI Loader last night, I'm on dial up). Just got back from test run, hit the 4 locations I pass regularly. I think I could have been going 120 and still had time to get right, cool. Thanks to all who keep this up. I am not a speeder but think these cams are illegal, plus they make me paranoid. Now I can relax, my GPS will remind me of stationary cams and the paper gives me daily mobile locations and times. Thanks again

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Enforcement cameras are some of the favorite files on the site. I don't know how you loaded the cameras to your unit, but I've found running POI loader in manual mode and specifying a distance of 650 feet for the red light cameras gives plenty of warning.

Speed cameras are different. If you look in the file, you will see some have a speed while others do not. Putting the @ symbol in front of the speed means the unit will only notify once if you are below that speed, and repeat continuously when you are going faster. If you include a number in the file name such as speed-cameras25 you set a default speed for all the cameras with no @ symbol. You can do the same in POI loader.

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If you know of any cameras

If you know of any cameras that are missed, feel free to let the site know!

Hi and welcome

HI and welcome to the web's most friendly & addictive site. This site is not only about red-light cameras. There are also many files for the taking and a wealth of information. Very friendly users here.

Sit a spell and enjoy looking around.


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Welcome to the site

Welcome to the site windwalker .

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One of the first (and best) sites I found after getting my Nuvi 255WT for Christmas : )

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Welcome aboard!!!

Welcome aboard!!!

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This place is the best for POI'S or people They are always frendly and helpful

This site is definately

This site is definately worth every penny you donate to question!!

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I also think the files are great, but I have been surprised by a couple of cams that were not in the database as I travelleed around the country, and of course there are those pesky police-operated speed traps.

So it is a nice tool, but does not allow one to speed with impunity.

However based on recent news reports I was under the impression that the majority of the citizens are ignoring tickets issued by speed cams in AZ.

Reportedly you can ignore those 'tickets' with impunity.

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I don't speed as a habit, but also distrust these governments.

I remember as a kid hitch-hiking, (About 45 years ago)going to Daytona Beach, entering Georgia, a speed trap. First sign 50 or 55, about 50' later, 35, out of nowhere a little blue VW with bubble gum machine pulled us over and about $80 fine. Cams are for revenue, not safety, right now they are not making a profit as projected. We already read reports of setting short yellows, what other tricks might they pull? With warning, I check speed and timeing for the light, just to be safe I slow to well below posted. I think Cams days are numbered but till then, POI Factory will give me an edge, thanks.

This IS a great site!

I got a Garmin for Xmas also and glad I discovered this site. Great info and support. Welcome!