Tip for new GPS owners


I am unaware of any GPS units that are boxed to include a "user manual". All I got was a "quick start guide".

Always encourage anyone who has just gotten a new GPS to visit the site of the manufacturer and download the User manual.

I went to http://www8.garmin.com/support/userManual.jsp to get one for my 765T and it gave me a lot of information as well as links to helpful sites.


One of the drawbacks of todays low prices, printing manuals cost's money. Most people are happy with the quickstart manual, but I, like you also download the user manual and of course, this site helps to answer lots of questions grin

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Gary Hayman's

Site is also very useful for owners of all stripes.



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lmao!! I remember my

lmao!! I remember my father's (55 years old) reaction when there was no manual, he was literally flipping out!


really important is to keep

really important is to keep ur sense of humor lol


What about the people that dont have a pc

Downloaded user manuals wave of future?

I've gotten a few electronic devices in the last few years where the "manual" was a few pages and I googled the PDF version online. Quite a difference in amount of info covered and probably the way it is going to be.


This is nothing new. When I got my nuvi 350 several years ago all it had was a quickstart manual and I had to download the manual.


Steve620 wrote:

What about the people that dont have a pc

Don't most public libraries have PCs available to use? How about friends to do it? Maybe a local business will print out for a fee?

With no PC, won't be able to do any kind of updates (firmware, maps,...) if available either.

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always nice to have a manual

always nice to have a manual

No Car Manual

A neighbor recently purchased a Ford. In the glovebox was an envelope with a DVD that contained the "manual" and also a video walkthrough of all the vehicle's systems. No paper manual but you could always print the one on the DVD.

Us old-timers are just going to have to adjust....again. wink

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Lots of companies will send you a paper manual for free, if you call them and ask for it. Then others will do it for a fee.

user manuals

I only read the user manual as a last resort. I love pdf manuals because you can search to the section you want. My job forced me to do technical writing and I was surprised on how many people actually read the manuals.


If you don't read the manual, then you will have no idea of the less obvious features of the device or of the processes required to invoke them.

So by not reading the manual, you lose out on the nuances of the device - like wearing blinders while driving a lovely road.

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I will usually download a

I will usually download a user manual when I am researching a new purchase. Gives me a chance to see what I am about to buy in depth. The plus side is that I have a copy on my laptop when traveling, just in case I need to look something up. I have them for my cell phones, gps, digital camera, etc.

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Ford, yikes

His points of interest should consist of every garage in the country. smile
I got rid of my last Ford last year and I'm so glad that I have those dark days behind me now.

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