No. Richland Hills Tx activates 1st camera


According to the North Richland Hills city news letter delivered today (April 6, 2007), "...will begin its new Red Light Photo Enforcement Program in the intersection of Mid-Cities Blvd and Rufe Snow Drive...". "Following a 30 day warning period, $75.00 civil citations will be sent to the registered owners..." yada,yada,yada. " reduce accidents and improve safety..."

and collect more MONEY!

(Note: last line added by me!)

March 7, 2007 edition of the POI files contained here list this point as item 197, I believe.

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Thanks John, nice to see you

Thanks John, nice to see you again.

Miss Poi

N. Richland Hills

I saw that same article. We are getting them here in Irving soon.

Not doing anything worth a darn.