Waterway Version Of Red-Light Camera Proposed In Tampa Bay Area


According to this article in today's St Petersburg Times, an idea for red-light type cameras is being proposed to protect Manatees in Florida.

"... urging state officials to install a waterway version of red-light cameras in areas with no-entry, idle and slow zones to persuade boaters to respect the rules that protect manatees."

The full story can be found here:

arrow http://www.tampabay.com/news/environment/wildlife/article106...

This could become a new file for Miss POI to consider. mrgreen

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Will It Really Work..!?

First off, aren't the "red light/speed" cameras activated by either sensors around the intersections.. and/or the lights themselves changing from green/yellow to red.

So the natural question is: "What are they going to use to activate the cameras?" They can't use motion detectors because the Manatee's would be setting them off all the time, or the wind making the water choppy would, etc., etc.

Now another question comes up. "Are they going to fine the operator of the vessel.. or the owner? And what's to prevent the owner/operator of the vessel from covering up the registration numbers on the side of the boat when in the "camera" zone.. and then revealing all when clear. It would take nothing more than hanging a large towel over the side to cover up the numbers."

From my point of view I would think it would be too complicated a system.. and too costly, to accomplish what it was set out to do.



I'm not really lost.... just temporarily misplaced!


that's very extreme, and I don't see it working.