Naming Conventions


It has fasinated me that of all the POI file, MP3/WAV files and BMP files that I have recently downloaded, the CSV, MP3 and BMP files have never had the same name. YET, the Garmin POILoader requires that the names all be the same. It took some effort for me to change the names to be the same.

I realize that different contributors have likely submitted these files and, thus, the files are named according to the desire/intent of the submitter. Also, when there are multiple "alert" files (as there often are), the multiple names have to be unique However, for most of POI files I downloaded, there was only one BMP file and it never had the same name as the POI file.

I am wondering why the moderators don't request permission to make the names standard - particularly the BMP file.

As a helpful compromise, I would suggest that the first characters of the "alert" files be the same as the POI file with the additional characters use to describe what the alert says or does.

Perhaps a convention could be adopted that would stipulate that a MP3 file that says nothing more than "[name-of-POI] ahead" should have exactly the same name as the CSV file.


Well, often there is more than one icon that might be suitable for a POI file.
People may choose a different icon than someone else.
One icon file might be suitable for many different POI files.
Different contributors upload and update their Custom POI files daily. The names of the Custom POI file can be variable and might not align with the existing (or future) icon files.

All of this provides flexibility for the user to use whichever Custom POI files and whichever icon files suit them.

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Naming conventions

I have two CSV files that list railroad crossings, one for Ohio and one for Indiana. I use the same bmp for both so I have to have two bmp files named differently to match the two files. What name would you suggest I use?

I think your complaint is with Garmin, not the folks who post the POI's, mp3's and bmp's or the system admin.