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i was thinking of upgrading my c 330 to the model with the blue tooth and was wondering how well the blue tooth feature works any advice ?

I have the 530, and I didn't

I have the 530, and I didn't care about the bluetooth, but the other day, Motorcycle mamma made a good point.

At first, I was like I have a headset, who cares about bluetooth on GPSr. But.... you can pair the phone and the heatset up to the bluetooth. Therefore, when you get a call, you can look at the GPSr (which is already out and visable) and see who is calling. Plus, it mutes the nav prompts which a few of my friends hate to hear in the backgground.

I am not fond (and I have only heard 2 ppl) of listening to ppl who use a mic on bluetooth, too 'tunnel' sounding and cuts out a lot.

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Bluetooth not ideal

I recently purchased a c550 and was disappointed with the sound quality when paired with my cell phone (Palm 700P). The volume is a little too low for me. I have also had callers tell me that I sound far away when using the built in mic. I am going to try it with an external mic and speaker to see if that makes a difference.

I do like the ability to have the caller id information show up on the gps screen when I get a call, but on several occasions the number displayed was incorrect and seemed to come from the call log.

I also have bluetooth headset and the sound quality is very good.


I have tried using the Bluetooth with and without an external microphone and found that Garmin still needs to do some work here. The volume is too low and with an external mic people tell me i sound like I am in a tunnel. Though the visual on who's calling is nice and the mute function is huge, for me, they still have some work to do with the Bluetooth.

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So have either of you tried

So have either of you tried to pair BOTH the phone and a headset? How did that work?

I have gone through 8+ headsets and finally gave up and just kept one that was pretty decent, but by no means perfect.

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I use it all the time - typical cell phone conversation. I do have to turn up the volume on the stereo but had no problems hearing or being heard.

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Bluetooth'ing and loving every minute of it

I have the Nuvi 360 and connect my Samsung A900 and my wife's Sanyo Katina. We both love the Bluetooth. I will always look for Bluetooth in every device I buy.

I have not had a problem with being heard using the internal mic. I am with tomstack, as I need to turn up the volume on the stereo to hear the person.

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Works Great

I have a Garmin C550 and a T-Mobile MDA, it works great! I've had no complainants about noise unlike with headsets.

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