POI Rest Areas


I am new to this forum and have a question about the Rest Area POI file.

when you download the file, does it include the icons and sounds, or do you download those seperately?

This file will really come in handy when we are traveling with our fifteh wheel RV.

POI Rest Areas

When you download the rest area poi also download the bimp and wave file and put them in the same folder,they don't come with the rest area poi. You may want to download the KOA and campground poi as well. Good luck and enjoy the site. smile

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Removing Rest Areas

Staying on the topic if rest areas...

Several of the rest areas that are included in my Garmin provided POI have been closed. Is there any way I can remove specific POIs from within the Garmin provided database on my unit?


No you can't remove the ones

No you can't remove the ones in the Garmin data base.If would be nice if you could update the file.

The combined rest stop file here for custom pois is most up to date.

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I found the rest stop file

I found the rest stop file the most accurate file I've used from this site.

Cudos for the submitter for accuracy and up to date information.

I posted this on another thread BUT.........

I repeat:

Even tho I scan individual state DOT websites occasionally, it is impossible to delete all permanently closed Rest Areas from the "Rest Areas Combined" file as the sites only list Open sites and (sometimes) temporarily closed sites.
If you are aware of permanently closed rest areas, either by actual viewing or an article in a local publication, please notify me at my contact e-mail.

Obviously I will need the location ie: State, Hwy #, Direction of Travel, a nearby city or Highway Mile Marker. If you can give me coordinates that, obviously is the best info. Also, let me know if the sign indicates it's permanently or temporarily closed.

I attempt to update the file around the 20th of each month.
I appreciate any inputs. I try to answer any e-mails withing 24 hours but I do travel a bit so 2-3 days delay may be possible. (or even 10 days at the end of this Jan when I will be on a cruise)

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