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Hey all, I'm having troubles with creating tourguides in GPX format. Up to this point all of my tourguide files have been in .csv format so I have to manually input the distance for every single tourguide file. I am trying to change a lot of my files to GPX with the proximity information already in the file so I dont have to use the manual option on the POI loader to input the distance the alert goes off at (I find it quite annoying to have to do every time I update my poi files). So I open Extra POI Editor and use the replace command for the proximity field and set it at 26400 feet (five miles). I save the file as a gpx and load it into my garmin with poi editor with the express or automatic setting. Then, I turn the GPS simulator on to test it out and it is alerting me at 10+ miles. I'm not sure what the problem is. Anyone know what could be up? Also, i'm pretty inexperienced with tourguides in the gpx format...anyone know a good walk through or place to find tips on these types of tourguides? Thanks!

Under options for Extra Poi

Under options for Extra Poi Editor click on preferences. For example using ft for input. Under units you will see editor, select Imperial/US. For Field Read and Field save select Metric. Then use the replace all field and the distance should be correct.

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TourGuides use a radius as you are aware, so it may be 10 miles or more to the point by road, but if the road is at some point within the 5 miles, it will notify you.

The other possible explanation is you are setting a 26.4 kM radius because you didn't set up EPE correctly. It defaults to meters rather than feet. 26.4 kilometers is 16.8 miles.

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Did that :(

I had already set the units of measurement to Imperial/US prior to saving and also, I checked to make sure that I wasn't within 5 foot radius of the target. I went to the poi list and it told me I was 10 miles away. Correct me if im wrong but I believe that those distances are as the crow flies right? So I was well out of the target range.

Did yo also set For Field

Did yo also set For Field Read and Field save Metric?

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Send an email

to me with the coordinates of one location you are having problems with. I can draw the radius around the points at both 5 miles and 26.4 kM and email the jpgs back.

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I'm stumped...

So I know for sure I am further than five miles away from the waypoint. I measured it in google earth and everything. I did a couple of tests on my gps and all of the alerts in that gpx file are setting off at 16.3-16.4 miles away. Im not sure why this is the number that was produced but it has me awfully confused. I have my proximity set to 26399.9 feet (for some reason extra poi editor wont accept 24600 and changes it to 26399.9). Also, I have all the units in preferences set to Imperial/US. I have no clue what is going on...any ideas? This is quite frustrating sad


Only the Editor gets set to Imperial leave the read/write metric.

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That was the problem. When I changed the other two back it said that the proximity was 86,613.8 feet which comes out to be 16.4 on with what it was doing on my gps. Thanks so much!