Multiple Vias?


I wanted to make a simple route on my 1350t with two vias but it lets me only make one. When I make the second one the first one disappears. Is there a way to do this?

Thank you.

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Looking at your manual it

Looking at your manual it shows one via point.Owners of 2x5 units have reported being able to do more then one via point.Have not read any post about a 1350t being able to do it to date.I would give it a try anyway.Look at this post about the 2x5 units and give it a shot with the process laid out. .

If that doesn't work you unit has the ability to save favorites and assign categories.Just use the new button for a category and make it for example trip.Put the locations there and just go down the line one at a time to each location.

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You might try "Routes"

I have a 1490T and also like being able to have multiple "vias". However, any additional via point overwrites the first. I have been able to use the Route function to create a multiple through point itinerary though. I suspect that the Route feature is designed exactly for that reason. However, I don't find it nearly as convenient as a quick, find a POI, and punch it in as a via point is.

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Multiple via points.

The 1350t doesn't have a Route feature but a world clock. rolleyes Who knows what for.

What I will do is open the favorites starting the farthest one first. Then the next one closer and so forth. They will be stored in the Recently Found folder the closest one first. On my trip I can go from one favorite to the next all the way to the end.

More work but I think it should work.

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Gary Hayman's site.

Gary does a nice job with this problem here.

Page 3

I use custom POIs and the "recently found" icon to do multiple via routing frequently. It works well for me. smile


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Even One Via

You'll find you can't save it correctly, also!
(It will save start to Via, not start, via, to end!)

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I use Mapsource

I use Mapsource to do via points. It might not always be convenient if no computer is available. I like using Mapsource on my computer to do via points. I do that so to peg the route down so that my Garmin wont recalculate me down some pig path. I have the 765r, so your GPS might work differently.

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Last month, when we were in

Last month, when we were in N.C. and encountered an issue with trying to program in a via.... I eventually found out this would work....

You Can't store a route with a 'Via' in it...

But you can store a route, and a 'via' seperately, and then use them in tandem...

I just encountered this firsthand, and with only the Garmin quickstart card as reference (Which didn't include this work-around)... Here's how I did it....

Example... I40 Rockslide... in between your start and destination...

Set up a route from Waynesville, NC to Chicago, and store it.

It will take you through I40 to Knoxville, except the route is CLOSED due to a rockslide..

The Preferred Route (Per Haywood County) is to take I40 East of Waynesville, to I26 (US19/I26), to I81, then west to I40 junction by Knoxville TN. This is the "Via".

Create a route from Waynesville, NC to the Junction of I26/I81. Store this route .... This is your "VIA"

Now, recall the route from Waynesville to Chicago...

Then load the "VIA" onto it as a Via....

THAT WILL ROUTE YOU to Chicago with the "VIA"

Unfortunately.... If you try and store this, you'll only store the Waynesville to "VIA" portion of the route, which is unfortunate..... (And an oversight by Garmin -- in my opinion)

But.... you can recall the origional route (Waynesville to Chicago) and then load the "VIA" (Waynesville to I26/I81 Junction) as a VIA, and it will route you to Chicago with this Via... And will remember it with power downs as well, as long as you don't stop it....

So, you end up storing two routes.... Full route, and your "VIA" route....

Hope this is clear....

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