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Good evening everyone. I'm looking at purchasing a new 2010 GMC Terrain. They make this vehicle with a built in hard drive GPS (not a DVD unit, but actual hard drive with the GPS files on it).

It's more than I would want to spend, especially since I have a 770 GPS of my own from Garmin. However, every one of these that I've seen at the GMC dealerships here in Phoenix are fully loaded. While it's an option, they have all ordered these vehicles with that option in them.

My question is, has anyone had experience with this type of GPS system. Can I load points of interest into it and especially, can I add the red light cameras into it? Since Phoenix seems to be the speed and red light camera headquarters of the United States, it's pretty important for me to have notification when I'm coming to these locations.

The salesman was not really sure, he didn't think so, but I thought someone on here might be more experienced. Since it's not a DVD unit and it's on a Hard Drive, and you can save points of interest my selecting a place you want to go and saving it, I'm really wondering if there is a way to add my list of camera locations.

If anyone is experienced with this, could you please let me know. I'd really appreciate it.


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With the Terrain being a new vehicle, I'm not sure how many "experienced" owners you are likely to find here.

Have you tried asking your question in the new Terrain Forum?


The forum is just starting up so there isn't a lot of chat, but it might be another source to try.

I've been thinking about them, too, but to get the best gas mileage, you have to go to a 4-cylinder and I'm thinking that might be under-powered. I've also read NOT to get models with the larger sized tires, the handling and ride are bad.

I was looking at the Arcadia (really like the styling) but the price tag is just too high. Compared to Ford, GM has raised their prices trying to get out of bankruptcy.

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We just purchased an GMC

We just purchased an GMC Acadia. We sold our HHR because it just didn't work for the family. At the time, it was great and had good gas mileage. But as the kids grew, the HHR wouldn't work for us. So we traded that on the Acadia. Great vehicle and the handling is just like I expected from GMC.

I also have a 2003 Trailblazer that we purchased in the 4th Quarter of 2002. It's nearing 100k mileage and we'd like to get rid of that now too. While the Acadia was being prepped, they gave us a Terrain to drive and I liked it because it's slightly smaller in size, has great styling and handling. I've only own GM vehicles as my father worked for them his entire career.

Never had a single issue with Chevy or GMC vehicles that I've owned.

I didn't know the Terrain forum existed Gary. Thanks, I'll check it out.

One other thing. The terrain has about 20 less HP than the Acadia and it would definitely be underpowered if it was a 4 cylinder. The 6-cylinder was good but needed the same engine as the acadia to really make it stronger.


Built in GPS in a car

There is a guy at work that has installed a radio with GPS functions. His main complant is that he can't update the maps. He is not into downloading and installing POI files, but I am sure he can't do that either with his unit.

The main thing I would check for is the cabability to update maps, install POIs into either a built in unit or an after market radio that has GPS built in.

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rodeman wrote:

I didn't know the Terrain forum existed Gary. Thanks, I'll check it out.


I see you joined and posted your question. I would also be interested to know if the built-in maps can be updated and if so, what's the cost and how often are map updates released?

I wonder who makes their GPS unit? Built-in GPS units don't usually have much, if any, flexibility. My buddy owns a Lexus and while his built-in GPS can take map updates via the CD player, the updates cost about $200. shock

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Great question guys. I did

Great question guys. I did ask about the updates on the maps and the sales manager did not tell me how often they come out, but he said it's a download that they do at the shot but he thought the cost was at least 100 and as much as $200.

There were definitely some things I liked about the Terrain and the Acadia GPS systems.

1. Both vehicles come with back up cameras standard and ultrasonic back up. If you don't have the GPS, then the camera is displayed in the rearview mirror. That's the way my Acadia is (no gps in it). Big problem I have with it is there is no cross hair to show you the center of the area. So you have to get use to the curvature of the camera lens when backing up.

However, if you have the GPS, then the backup camera is shown on the screen. Even better, there are yellow guidelines that show you where your vehicle will go while backing up. I was sitting still and in reverse and as I turned the wheel, the guidelines curved and got nearly a 90 degree angle as I turned the wheel all the way to wheel lock. Wow, I was impressed.

2. The GPS was fantastic. It shows food locations, gas stations icons, everythign as you are driving. If you want to go somewhere you can enter the address and only the letters that are valid are selectable as you touch the screen. It knew my street, perfectly and it did not give me the goofy directions that my garmin gives on that street. The street runs straight but the garmin says turn right and then turn left even thought he arrow on the garmin is perfectly straight.

3. The directions on the gps also display on the dashboard display. You can request onstar to give you turn by turn as well, but I don't know if they show up on the GPS or not. I'll bet they do, but I don't know.

4. The gps also shows upcoming exits and everything is very intuitive. THought the GPS/radio has a lot of buttons and having just borrowed the car overnight, I didn't mess with trying to learn eveyrthing.

5. There is a USB port in the glove box, which is also big enough to hold a laptop on the terrain. It also has a 3.5 mm headphone jack so you can plug your MP3 player right into it. It works natively with the iphone but does not support all the iphone options so it give you a warning message on the iphone saying not all features are supported. I just clicked ok and off I went.

The GPS/radio screen displayed the song name and album from my iphone and could switch between radio, iphone songs, audio books, etc. And it lets you rip songs from CDs right onto the built in 40gig hard drive. That's why I'm thinking there has to be a way to get the speed cameras in there as POIs.

That's about all I know, but I loved the car and if the GPS will take the POIs, I"d consider doing it. If not, I'll save the cash and use my 200 gps and not have as much to pay for the vehicle.