I just discovered that I can load geocaches to my streetpilot via a GSAK file that is treated like a poi fle. Works great using the car Gpsr instead of the handheld while driving from cache to cache.

Thanks, good to know! Took

Thanks, good to know!

Took me a couple hours to find a cache yesterday, so fun.

GPX files

Works really well. I use GSAK to export separate GPX files of the various cache types. I then load the same files onto both my Garmin 60csx handheld and my nuvi 660.

I keep my 60csx set up for off-road/walking and the maps I'm using don't do street routing anyway so the nuvi is handy for getting me to a parking area and then the 60csx gets me the rest of the way.

I have used the nuvi to find a couple caches but it doesn't zoom in as far as the handheld locations with many potential hiding spots are a little more difficult.

etrex legend

I us an old etrex legend for geocaching. It still works after many years and it is easier to carry than my nuvi.

I believe the etrex line is a better choice for geocaching.

jjreds GSAK POI Macro

If you're really into this, you should take a look at the GSAK macro written by jjreds that lets you load caches as POIs with descriptions, log entries, hints, and more:

It works great on my Nuvi 760. The download page says Street Pilot is also supported, along with a few others. Not etrex, though.