Nuvi 350 to Nuvi 765T upgrade accessaries


I'm soon to receive a Nuvi 765T as a gift, replacing my Nuvi 350.

I was wondering if I also need to upgrade my 350's Portable Friction Mount or are the fitting the same? I also would like to know if my 350's language guide and Fodor travel guide (on SD memory cards) would work in the 765T? Any help would be appriciated.

Thanks, John

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All should work

All your accessories should work if I understand what you have correctly. You'll get a new mount and hardware with the 765 so if my fiction mount you mean something like a bean bag mount then it can still be used.

The language guide will work fine but I don't have the travel guide so I can't say for sure about it.

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Thanks for your quick reply.

Save me some dollars.