Navteq Map reporter test and help needed.


I would like to test the theory that the more reports/hits they get on a map update the sooner it gets into the database.

US 24 from Defiance, OH to the Indiana border is getting realigned and updated from a two lane road to a 4 lane freeway/limited access road on Oct 29th! I travel US24 about 5 times a week and would hate to have the nuvi saying recalculating for 40 minutes and not have an accurate arrival time.

Please go to the reporter page here.

And submit:
Realignment of US24 to open on Oct 29th!
You can link to: in your map report.

Thank you for your time and effort!

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Faulty Test

Unless you have a "control" update your test will be kind of worthless. Because when the US24 update is eventually included in the maps you won't know if it was prompted by numerous reports or was simply part of the normal update.

Is there another large road improvement that is being done in that area?

I'll send it in

I'll send it in to Navteq but would point out that if Garmin maintains their current update schedule you won't see the change on your Nuvi for sometime.

Garmin releases are currently 2 quarters behind Navteq's. The next release of CN will be Navteq's 1st or 2nd quarter 2009 maps unless Garmin makes changes to their update schedule.

Let's assume the current schedule holds. Garmin will then release another update, say late 1st quarter 2010. That will be Navteq's 2nd or 3rd quarter 2009 maps. So the earliest your change would appear would be Navteq's 4th quarter 2009 maps which will be Garmin's release 2nd quarter 2010 (probably June 2010).

There is talk that Garmin is trying to alter their schedule in order to release updates with newer than maps that are 2 quarters old but nothing confirmed yet.

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Well there is the whole

Well there is the whole section to the north east, Nepolean to Maumee that will open later.

There really is no way to tell if what I/we do really has any influence but it couldn't hurt. smile

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Your wasting your time with

Your wasting your time with Map Reporter. I've submitted over 10 updates, and NONE of them were changed, I kept getting BS replies that the changes did not effect real world changes, or some crap. When quite clearly, I was correct, as I drove through a few of those every day.

Don't waste your time with them, they obviously don't want help with making changes to their data.