Really just a big thanks


I have had my nuvi 780 now for almost 3 months. If I had simply taken it out of the box and set it on my dash I think I would have been bored by it by now.

Sure it was absolutely great on my recent vacation, but daily around town it is more of a toy.

However, after finding The POI Factory, I have to say you all have changed a neat toy into a fun project.

Adding POI's, reconfiguring their folders, setting up the redlight and speed cameras has been a fun project and a USEFUL project. The redlight file itself has likely saved me the cost of the unit at least once.

The community here is refreshing and the information not only useful but has lead to great fun with my 780.

Thanks all.

I'll second that!

This site has brought new life to my 780 also. grin Thanks to all who contribute to make this place worthwhile.

u got the idea. remember to

u got the idea. remember to enjoy urself lol

It sure is!

Granted, my Garmin was fun when I first got it, but with the information available here, it's really helped me out when I go out of town for different events and such.

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I agree. The whole family

I agree. The whole family has gotten involved in the process and added a great deal of poi's to my gps. Most of the credit goes to the great people on this site.

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Big Thanks

I would like to acknowledge that same view of this well done web site, Thanks


A M E N !

Miss POI, please take a well deserved bow (curtsy) to your huge appreciative audience.... many thanx also to the host of contributers !

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POI-Factory adds gobs of

POI-Factory adds gobs of value to the GPS purchase!

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