WOW did my Nuvi 260 have a hard time on vacation!


Just got back from a 1700 miles trip into New Mexico. My 260 worked as it always does all the way to Albuquerque. When we were leaving the hotel on our way to the Balloon Fiesta, I moved sharply from the middle lane all the way over to the left most left turn lane. Karen got completely lost and the only way to recover was to reboot her.

A day later she got lost again once I started moving before she had gotten a lock on several satellites and again I had to reboot her to get things straightened out.

On the way back to Tucson via I-40 and Holbrook, Az, just as we got to the AZ-NM border she jumped into "recalculating" several times even though we never left the interstate and were on a section that was straight. I hadn't even changed lanes, but she was lost.

I've had barely a hiccup from this unit in the year plus I've been using it, so all these problems were a bit of a surprise. I'm just glad it's never decided to have an issue when we're off road and many miles from civilization.

No problems and very fast acquisition of satellites (including inside my house) every time I used her today around town though.

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I've seen this happen if the

I've seen this happen if the road in posted incorrectly on the maps. You may see your car running parallel to the road. If it is off more than a certain distance, it will recalculate.

Have you used web updater to insure that you have the latest firmware update? I've read that some satellite problems were fixed with firmware updates for some models.

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Nuvi 255w

My nuvi 255w acted in a smiler way while in Colorado, while on trip from IL.9/27&9/28-had worked fine for past 11 mos.could not lock into satellites kept recalculating, said to turn on streets that were not there.When I got home went to Garmin web site and they had a new firmware update,will see how it works in the future.

In Florida there are a few

In Florida there are a few new bridges that just opened. When you ride on the new section it looks like the car is on the water.
If you program a trip the GPS keeps recalculating as it can't find the road.

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