Increasing GPS's Internal Memory.


I recently purchased a 1300WT. Just out of curiosity I went into the system properties and found the following.

System capacity: 1.810 GB
Used capacity: 1.540 GB
Free capacity: .280 MB

Now that got me to thinking.. and then I got a idea to increase the "free" space. There's 332MB of foreign voices, 36.6MB of foreign text and 2.5MB of foreign help.. all for a total of 371.1MB that could be used.

So.. Why not save everything that's on the Garmin as backup files just in case. Then erase all the "non-US English" items and.. there you go. Instant 371mgs of usable free space.. when then applied to the 280mbs that's there already will give you a total of 591MB's.

When that's done, shouldn't you be able to "defrag" without causing any problems?

Glad I found this site.. and am looking forward to having a long happy marriage with y'all.


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Welcome to the site

Welcome to the site Nuvi1300WTGPS.I done the same thing a while back on my 265 and also removed some of the vehicles I would never use.You can always go back to webupdater or dashboard located in My Garmin page to reload the info.I did keep a backup also.

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GPS' don't need to be defragged as they have different allocation requirements. As well, solid state drive have a finite number of writes available to them (iPod's as an example). Backup, and then delete so you can reload them if necessary.

I find this interesting, though. My 775T has approx. 3800 Mb remaining on the drive. That's 3.5 GiG's.

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I removed all foreign voices

from my Nuvi 760 and it freed up a substantial amount of space. Couldn't see ANY reason to keep the foreign language files on the nuvi. I also swap vehicle files in and out depending on the season of the year (ie Holiday themed vehicles)

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Seems like a good idea

I think I have plenty of free space on my 780 but dumping all the foreign languages etc seems like a great idea.

Unless of course

Unless of course you happen to won Garmin's Language Guide. If you do, you will also disable any dictionary speech functions in the Language Guide for the deleted languages.

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