Charging my Nuvi (will it charge from a computer?)



I just got a brand new Nuvi 260W. The only cable it came with was for the car, but I had a compatible USB cable on hand and was able to use the POI Loader to put a couple POI files on it. Will it charge while attached to the computer? I didn't see anything in the manual speaking about how to charge it at all.



When you hook it up, does the icon for the battery resemble what it does while plugged-in in your car, and charging?

The 260W should charge while plugged into a computer - in fact, for most Nuvis, if the battery is severely drained - I've read of instances where plugging into a computer via USB was the only way to bring it back from the dead.

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i have 200w

i have a 200w when i plug it in to my laptop then turn off the gps its says charging battery

so just plug it in to your computer and it will charger your battery


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Thanks guys!

Yep, it does seem to charge just fine on the computer!