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Congratulations to all who participate in, create and maintain files for, and manage POI-Factory. I just received an email from DeLorme announcing the availability of their Street Atlas USA 2010, and related products. In the description of the software they list new features including "Ability to import waypoint files from POI-Factory.com."

Later in the email they list specifics under the heading "New and revised points of interest:" and included among them is "Also, new ability to import POI-Factory.com .csv files and add to draw layers."

I'd say that POI Factory's positive and influential reputation has spread widely and well.

Congratulations again to all involved!

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on this topic are found here: http://www.poi-factory.com/node/24912

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POI Factory is the best!

POI Factory is the best!



well deserved

Thanks to all!

Congrats and thanks to all of the active members who contribute their time, effort, and knowledge to make this website a wonderful resource for all!


It is the best website

It is the best website around!

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POI Factory is TOPS

This is the best website for GPS info. around.

Thanks to everyone!

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