Knoxville, TN Plans to Install Speedcams


There will be at least four (4) speed cameras installed in the Knoxville, TN area. As soon as I learn the exact locations, I will provide this information to Miss Poi.

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MORE????? i know driving on

MORE????? i know driving on I40 thru Knoxville my nuvi doesnt shut up about "red light camera ahead" and "Speed camera ahead"

my nuvi doesnt shut up about .......

And it will only get worse if tax revenues for cities don't start going back up. This is an easy fix for many cities.

Revenue Generation!!

Pure and simple!!! Just a way to raise cash....



new cameras in Knoxville....

They are not near the interstate, so those of you passing through town are fine. THey are for the locals, truckers trying to avoid the truck weigh stations, and tourists coming to a growing shopping area called Turkey Creek.

The cameras are in a community called Farragut, and is actually outside the city limits of Knoxville, but still within the same county. This is considered the "New money" area of town, and the cameras were installed for the purpose of generating $$$ and not safety. Farragut does not have their own police force, they rely on the county police, but all the $$$ generated by the cameras will go directly to the town.

Kingston Pike and Concord Road - East and North bound lanes

Kingston Pike and Campbell Station Road - North and East bound lanes

Kingston Pike and Smith Road - East bound lanes

Dang... I can't remember the last location right now, but will post it once I get it. Along with coordinates.

Nuvi 660 owner.

First one went live in Memphis this week

With several more coming on line on the 14th. I plan on marking them out and uploading them as soon as I can.