Magellan Crossover


I am fairly new to the gps world. Recently, I researched different gps products to find something that fit what I wanted. I wanted to have street maps, trail maps and lake maps. I wanted it to have a touch screen and a long battery life. What I came up with was the Magellan Crossover. I found one on E-bay that the seller said was taken out of the box but never used. When I recieved it, it didn't seem to be working right. The gps would locate Minneapolis but there were no maps. When I entered my address into it, the unit could not find it. When I went into the setup I soon realized that I could only choose from European countries. After some research I found out that the unit I had was a Crossover 2500EU. The SD card in the unit has the following on it: Magellan MRM 2X00/CrossoverGPS E''V2 Update Region EU

Can I use the 2500EU in the USA? If so what do I have to do or get so that it will work? Lastly, There was supposed to be a "PC Tools" CD that came with it which I never received and the seller doesn't have. The people at Magellan's customer service/technical service claim that they do not have that CD or Download anymore. Is there any way of getting it or some substitute out there?

Thank you in advance for any advice.


PC Tools CD

There is a yahoo magellan group you can check, I think they have some files that you can download that may help you. Also do a search online for a copy of the Magellan PC Tools cd. You may also be able to purchase a USA Maps SD card from Magellan, you will have to check with them.