Automobile GPS Habits


I am just curious if more people here:

-Run there GPS in the vehicle most of the time when driving, or

-Leave it off or even store it out of sight until you need it?

Since I have had mine, I generally have it while in the vehicles even if I am going somewhere that I am very familiar with. My oldest sister, on the other hand, only has one car, but will take the GPS completely out of the car and only bring it if she thinks she absolutely needs it. And, yes, she has had times where she left it behind and discovered later that she should have had it with.

I suspect that the posts here may be disproportionately in favor of having it on even if you don't need it. One of ways I justify it to myself, and others, is if I need to call 911 for something it might be nice to know my locations, Yes, I know that my cell phone transmits GPS coordinates during a 911 call, but still it might be nice to have that information available.

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GPS habits

I keep my 255W is in the truck all the time. I put it in the center console during summer days when I have to park in the sun. Not much theft problems where I live so it is fairly safe.

sits on m desk

I leave my GPS on my desk most of the time. I only use it locally if I have appointments and I need to be there at a specific time.

Garmin Nuvi 750 & c530 with RT's vol. mod., Vulcan Nomad

sits on m desk

I leave my GPS on my desk most of the time. I only use it locally if I have appointments and I need to be there at a specific time.

Garmin Nuvi 750 & c530 with RT's vol. mod., Vulcan Nomad

Only on non-local trips

I take it when traveling out of the local area even if I know the way. Then, it is useful for detours, the "time arrival" feature is nice, and traffic reports are sometimes available (though due to expire soon).


Use most of the time

I always keep it in the car (out of sight) and use for directions when needed, but now the I have the red light and speed camera info I use generally (even on my trip to and from work). I find that the speed camera alerts are good reminders as I have a tendency of going on autopilot when I travel the same route each day.

I take mine

whenever I leave home. In my job, I go out of town a lot, frequently to places I haven't been to before. It gets me there every time.

Not doing anything worth a darn.

I always have one

If not a automotive, a hand held on me, ALWAYS.

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it's fun...

I usually find new routs how to get home.


Changed Habits

I used to use mine constantly but now I just use it occasionally whenever I going someplace and want to find an alternate route or when I am going someplace I am unfamiliar with. Otherwise, the traffic data I receive from MSN is fairly unreliable and there is no necessity for me to use it on my daily commute.

When do you use garmin

I use mine for work, and I have it on all the time when working.

Not Locally

I don't use it when driving in my own city, unless I'm trying to verify the loction of a POI, but whenever I leave town - no matter where - I take it with me.

we use it all the time. ETA,

we use it all the time. ETA, rough cost of trip, surrounding landmarks.

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Not Every Day

For my standard to work-to the dogpark-to the grocery store-to the post office-to the girlfriend I don't take the GPS. But pretty much any other trip I use it (including trips to the family out of town, since the ETA is very handy indeed to give them updates on when to expect me).

I use the beanbag, and it's simple to just unplug the cable, wrap it around the cradle and put it away. Pretty quick and little fuss.

When I'm traveling, I do stash the beanbag & GPS away under the seat or in a hidden compartment; there's nothing otherwise to indicate that there's a GPS in the car, since there's no circles on the window or other mounts visible.

It's always with me

My old ones were, and my new one is, always with me. The speedo factor is one, but as my job requires me to go to new locations all over, it's a requirement, not a luxury.

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I only use mine on trips, or when I don't know where I'm going. However, I will be out of state for work and will probably use it extensively then. I would use it more locally, but it is too much of a hassle to unhook and hide out of sight.

Mostly always on

I like to have mine on for traffic, redlights/speed cameras and the North Up view when driving around DC.

Whenever I drive the Mustang

It's built in tot he car, so I use it all the time. I dont' have one in my truck (yet), but I'm sure there will be one there before too long! mrgreen

Kenwood KNA-G510 (actually a Garmin)

I use mine on trips,(and

I use mine on trips,(and locally if I am unsure where the location may be)

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I used it most the time for

I used it most the time for traffic update but it not always update timely/inaccurate. XM traffic that built-in car GPS more accurate.


I use my 680 every day going to work and returning home utilizing MSN Traffic feature (Baltimore Beltway to Westminster Maryland). I find the MSN Traffic real-time updates to be accurate and extremely helpful in determining if an alternate route is required. Also, I never leave my GPS in the car when not in use.

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