Hello -- Forum Newbie Here!


I'm been lurking several days while waiting for my Nuvi 350 (North American) to arrive via FedEX from an e-tailer.

It would be a long list to say what I've learned so far by reading here so just let me give everyone a huge blanket THANKS!

I just loaded my first POIs and after formatting my SD card in the Nuvi, that worked just fine using POI loader. The first time it failed -- I had used the card before in a Palm and I guess that the Nuvi wasn't happy with it for the POIs until it was formatted in the Nuvi.

I'm so excited. I've had GPSs before -- DeLorme -- the one that plugs into a laptop, Garmin 90, and Garmin 295, but the Nuvi is for cars or walking and is so compact and works so well -- I've never had something quit like this before. I've never been able to see sats from inside my house before -- this thing rocks!

Anyway, hello and thanks again everyone! I hope that someday I can return the favor with some POIs for you all.

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Newbie to Newbie

I have learned alot since my first visit to this site. The people here are wonderful. You will be up and running in no time.

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Welcome. Hopefully you


Hopefully you will find this place to be fun and useful. I know I have.

Echo, echo

I'll echo what you guys have said. I'm a newbie too. Folks here are polite and willing to share. They don't treat newbies like humanoids. I've been to some sites that are not so. I read some of those postings, exited quickly and never returned. With this one, it just seems like I learned something every time.


I too am a "newbie". Lot's of great information, and helpful members. Thanks to the person or persons who added R.I. beaches POI. I hope to visit a few of them soon.

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Yeah, if you are like most

Yeah, if you are like most of us 'newbies', you will pick up on stuff really fast. But to be honest, it is how much your obsession is, that will determine how fast and how much you learn...lol.

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Thanks everyone for the warm

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome.

Yes, everything is like that -- you get out of it what you put into it. I think of myself as a "technonerd" So once I backed up all the Nuvi files to my hard drive I set about to personalizing. I also updated the firmware from 4.30 to 4.40 last night -- at least it shipped with the latest firmware at the time!

Garmin Nuvi 350