Save Four Days a Year with Traffic-Enabled GPS


At least that's what Navteq is claiming in their press release:

I wonder if Navteq funded the study? The NuStats website doesn't appear to list Navteq as a client.


Interesting. The study was in Germany and extrapolates to the US. Not sure how the traffic is there as compared to here. In the DC area traffic is horrible but most alternate routes are not much better.

My GPS re-routed me for the first time the other day due to traffic. I'm not sure if it was any better in the end due to the distance out of the way I travelled but at least I was moving.

I can definitely see where this would save time in a non-rush hour scenario where alt routes are available.

Catchy, if nothing else.

Catchy, if nothing else.

Re: Traffic Enabled GPS

I have been wanting a new GPS and wondering now that the traffic is included in some of the newer models if those of you who have it have found it to be a worthwhile feature.

Saving days......

Does that mean if you use the traffic feature, that in 90 years you will be 1 year younger????

An if so will your birthday show up 4 days later each year on the calendar?????

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My 755T does a fair job of showing traffic. It seems to take a long time after the GPS starts for the traffic symbol to show up. This morning there was a major backup in the opposite direction I was traveling and the traffic feature indicated no problems. Yet down the the road 10 miles it showed a construction site that narrowed my lanes from 4 to 3 lanes. I don't know if the paid services are any better but the free one which I'd rate as just fair. This could be a case of you get what you pay for.

Nuvi 750 and 755T


I've already saved a day....

I'm not Expert

chimchim12 wrote:

Interesting. The study was in Germany and extrapolates to the US. Not sure how the traffic is there as compared to here....

I've driven over there on three different trips, so that hardly makes me an expert on German driving habits, but I definitely observed fewer violations of speed limits, red lights, etc. And what I can only describe as much more courteous drviing: smooth merges, no cut-offs, cars moving over for overtaking vehicles on the autobahns, etc.

I have doubts

Sounds more like marketing to me....but who knows.

Last week I was waiting for my wife to come out of work. We were going to head North of Seattle during the end of rush hour(s).

While waiting for her in the parking lot, I set up a route to take us North. I got a traffic alert and decided to see what the reroutes would do.

So I recalulated the route 4 times over about 30 minutes and each time the route was vastly different.

I knew exactly where we were going and some of the routes generated would have been long and convoluted compared to the nearly straight shot on the freeway.

The traffic alerts were for heavy traffic not wrecks..

I drove the freeway route even though a whacky route was suggested.

I know a couple of the alternate routes would have been vastly longer....nice if the freeway is blocked but not something I would have ever done knowing how traffic generally works here as rush hour is fading.

MSN is still in trial for looks nice, but I seriously suspect that the traffic reports are not going to be the deciding factor for paying for a lifetime subscription to MSN for me.

My 755T always tell me about

My 755T always tell me about the traffic when i am already on it. I learn to not trust the traffic alerts. I dont know when is true or false alert.

I let my MSN go - it wasn't

I let my MSN go - it wasn't good enough to make me buy it.
I've tried both and what I think is they don't have enough information to make more than an educated guess.

traffic alert

I've had my Garmin 265wt two weeks, save me once so far, the detour feature was pretty handy.


I have found traffic less useful than expected.

I don't experience my Garmin 265WT as intelligently routing me around traffic. Mostly, it seems to be giving me a better estimate of when I will arrive given the current traffic, and providing graphical and message information that I can use to make rerouting decisions myself. It's a little disappointing.

It would also be great if the GPS uploaded my location and speed to the master GPS in the sky, so that the traffic information was more up-to-date and covered more streets.