When your favorite restaurant isn't in the POIs


Try misspelling it. Better yet, try the first few letters. Let the Nuvi guess the rest.

There we are, sitting in the lot at a state park after a fun time with my family, which I found simply by typing in State Park once I was in the vicinity. We wanted to go to Piccolo's Pizza and Pasta. The Nuvi could not find it in the list, though it did find some eateries about 300 miles away. I knew what road it was on, so I used "intersection" and put in something close. On the way there, when we stopped for a few minutes I tried putting in "Pic" and it came up, as Piccollo's with two L's. Hmm.

We got there and the signage and all spells it Piccolo's, so I don't know who got it wrong. I wonder if Garmin uses phone book listings, or what.


When you can't say something nice....say RECALCULATING.


When searching a database, less is more.

It's almost always advisable not to try to spell out the whole name whether you are searching for a POI, a city, a street or whatever.

Only add more data to the search if the search produces too many results.