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i have been looking into the 465t unit ..... hope someone knows ...... does the sd card hold and read poi files and what is the biggest card (4gig) i can use in the unit it states its a mass storage unit.... im an OTR and i do have the time to check out alot of stuff while driving ..... id love to load it with a ton of files (fuel, tkr stops, wacky sites, tourest sites for all the states, casinos .... the works) at 500 bones imm trying to find all the info i can...... now if it will only drive my

The 465 can't be compared

The 465 can't be compared to regular automotive units because of the special truck routing/features. What can be compared are the features that don't have to do with OTR specifics.

If I remember correctly, the 465 does not do MP3. No big deal if you don't want an iPOD type device with generally poor speakers. It is a bit (not much) of a bother for creating POI files with alert sounds as you need to use SOX.exe and WAV files.

I think most of the other features are there. Bluetooth is a nice feature if it pairs with the phone and the sound is routed to the stereo in the cab. That way the unit will dial POI such as truck stops, motels and other places that have phone numbers. (You need to load - or convert CSV files to GPX in order to get the bluetooth features to dial numbers.)

POI for most of the major truck stops are on POI-Factory. You can load POI for hotels/motels, restaurants, off-beat tourist attractions, red light & speed cameras and a myriad of other things from here.

Speaking of motels, not that many are "trucker friendly" with large, easy access parking areas. A list of those for the other drivers would probably be welcome.

A 4 gig microSD card will hold everything you want - poi and support file wise.

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