I have downloaded the following Poi's with sound.
Wal-mart, Sam's Rest area, and home depot. The only sounds that are working are Wal-mart and Sam's Am i missing something here. Is their a certian amount of costom Poi you can install on a unit. Is thier an order for installing them. I have a garmin nuvi 760

If you have two of them

If you have two of them working it sounds like you have them installed correctly.If you are selecting go to for Home Depot and no voice alert you may not have them named the same except for the extensions or possible double extensions.If just traveling down the road with go to not selected.The coordinates could be located off the road you are traveling more then 50 ft.In that case you would not get the alert.When you used the manual mode you did set a distance for the alert for Home Depot correct?To check the Home Depot to make sure the alert is set.Just touch Home Depot on Gps screen and select any of the locations and it will show on the screen the distance for the alert.

Main folder
Home Depot.csv
Home Depot.mp3

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thank you i will take alook and see if that ia my problem