Nuvi 1390T - How to calibrate keyboard


To calibrate the keyboard on Nuvi 1390T:

1. Turn device off
2. Put finger on upper left hand corner of screen & hold it
3. Power device on (may take up to 30 seconds)
4. You will get the keyboard calibration screen
5. Calibrate keyboard
6. Done
7. Test
8. Pray that it’ll work
9. In my case, thank God, it worked.

Why is Garmin making things more & more complicated on these new models nowadays?

This procedure is not even documented anywhere. I had to call Garmin to find that out. Even the Garmin Support guy I talked to didn't know about it. He had to ask another colleague who happened to know the trick.

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Come On Garmin!

Just got my 1490T today and have been attempting to calibrate the screen for hours using Garmin's instruction as they appear in the HELP screens on the unit:

1. Turn Device Off
2. Press and hold the power key for about 30 seconds until the calibration page appears.
3. Follow the on-screen instructions.


RamSus' instruction work perfectly.

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This is getting pretty sad...

I hate to see these "new" units released with bugs upon bugs...and now Garmin even provides faulty on-unit help instructions for even the most basic thing such as screen bad can this get?

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It's like

It's like they just copied the help system from one series of units to another without even verifying that what they are publishing is actually how the unit operates.

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Forgot how to calibrate the screen but found the info here

Many Thanks Again

Works on 1350 too,



Have to see whether this calibration procedure works on other models.