MP3 sound files.


Need Help:
I downloaded a home depot alert Sound mp3 file to my Gps unit Nuvi 885t , however when i reach the destination i hear no alert.
Note: My proximity alerts is active and all files are the same..Home depot.csv, Home depot.mp3

Please advise..

Thanks ..


What is your alert distance?

If it is set to 100 meters (330 feets), it may need to be increased. Depending on the size of the parking lot and the coordinates used for the store, you could be too far from the target zone to trigger the alert.

it don't hurt to double check, Naming is the biggest problem.

Be very careful with the naming, I know you said they are the same. but double check because things are even case sensitive.

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POI loader

Hi Guys,

The problem was actually poi loader.
after addressing the problem manually through
poi loader and setting up my distance alerts
checking the appropriate box, the problem was
Thanks for you tips...