Low clearance POI


How good is the POI file for Low Clearance? I know that it should be only used as a guide and not all bridges are on there, but how many people actually think its an accurate file?


Having used, looked at and manipulated many of the files on this site (including the one in question), my finding is that most (if not all) have some misgivings. Some of them have been better maintained than others like Wal*Mart, etc., etc., but only because the public have gotten directly involved. Without input from all members, the files will remain virtually the same with no changes, and even then there will be some left out or will be in the wrong location. Try downloading some of the gas (fuel) station files and ask yourself if that is all of the particular stations within a given city, county, state or country. A research will quickly reveal that there are probably more gas stations in one state than there are in the whole darn file.

In my oppinion, everyone should not only be a user, but a supporter as well. The files will only be as good as the information submitted. The problem is that it appears to be too much trouble to determine coordinates and submit them when they are found.

I am not a fan of geocoding. Having worked on files that have been geocoded, I find that too many are too far off the correct coodinates. It does work better on some files than others. Anything in the country will, in all likely hood, not be correct. Such is the case with the file in question. Most of these sites do not have very good addresses if at all. It is a best guess scenario.

This is my .02 worth. It is not a flame, but how I feel about accuracy regarding the files. Bottom line is any and all of the files should be used as a guide and anybody interested in a particular file should be more than willing to help maintain said file.

HTH's, Curt

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Only a guide

The file I took over was very vague in some areas. I used Google earth to verify as much as possible. I also noted in a few that confirmation is needed. Like Curt mentioned this is a public file and accurate correction are very welcome. Our files are only as good as the members input to make make them accurate. I am very pleased with the input I have been receiving to update this file, please keep up the good work folks.

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