plans for week 11/20


This week, I'll be working on download counters and blending the new upload pages with the older free POI files. Running out of room on the front page is a nice problem to have. smile


piece of cake

The download counter enhancement didn't have much complexity and came together pretty much as I thought it would (a nice change of pace from last week).

Next, I'll shift my focus to reorganizing the POI files so uploaded files are better organized and easier to find.


reorganizing files

I'm still working away at reorganizing the POI files . . .

Files will end up being grouped using the POI Category tags I added a week or so back. I'm hoping to add images to uploaded files as well.


category list

It's mid week, and I'm about half way through the additions I had planned.

The POI files page now shows a list of categories that includes both old and new POI files. This should help bring more traffic to your uploaded files. (Make sure you choose a POI category for any file you upload so it will be included in these groups.)

The file listing with thumbnails still shows only old files. I need to create a way to add an image to uploaded POI files and merge them into this list.


poi files page

User uploads and older POI files are now shown together on the POI files page. I can now also add images to user POI files.