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I am trying to send a map location to my Garmin.Communicator is working. Google will not give me a choice to send a map location anywhere except via email.

Is this a problem that Google has with Macs?


Re: Sending To Google Maps...

Hi walteredgarpalmer,

In order for the “Send to GPS” function to work, your 205 must be connected to, and mounted on your computer.

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Google Glich

I think it is a glitch with Google. I have had it happen, but if I then enter the address and hit enter again I am able to get the option to send to GPS. Incidently, I use a PC, so I am pretty sure it isn't a Mac problem.

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I tried that to no avail. I

I tried that to no avail. I also retried several times. No luck.

Need an add-on to your Google Map

There is an add-on to Google Maps that will let you send any marker on a Google Map to your GPS. The directions are here:

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Have you tried MapQuest to

Have you tried MapQuest to send the location? .Put the location in.Click get map.If a business select the correct one from the list.You will see send top left.Click down arrow and select to sent to gps.

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i sent location to my garmin

i sent location to my garmin from google maps.


Have you installed the the Garmin "Plug-in"?

There's one for PCs and one for Mac.

Here's the link for Macs:

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