Another AZ Newbie


WOW!! I can't believe how much great information is available on this site. If I sold GPS units, I would use this site to close any deal. I'm the geek of the family but I think when my wife sees what is available, she'll also become a fan. Glad to be here and looking forward to making a contribution as soon as I learn how.


Welcome aboard

living in the phoenix area,you will benefit greatly from the speed & redlight cameras csv
I'm a Wildcat fm Tucson and the alerts when cruising thru Phoenix have really helped me.

Golf,whenever and wherever you can ... Always swing hard, just in case you hit it ..... If you can reach it,you can hole it, SEE IT FEEL IT DO IT !


Yes, you will learn a lot from this sight, that is for sure. If you need to know something, you came to the right spot!


You've reached the best little GPS house in the web - to paraphrase a little. Glad to have you along.

ɐ‾nsǝɹ Just one click away from the end of the Internet

remember to have fum

remember to have fum

Welcome pridder

Welcome pridder to the best site that will keep you coming back for more information .
These two threads will help you alot, and if you have any questions just ask .They are some very smart people here willing to help.

Here's another Great site by another member here,
Gary Hayman's Tricks, Tips, Work Arounds, Hints, Secrets and ideas for the Garmin Nuvi

Warning you will be addicted soon just like the rest of us,But that's a good thing.

Garmin Nuvi, 750

Garmin nuvi,750

Definitely need speeding trap locations for AZ

These are becoming way too popular in the state of sunshine. Since Phoenix speed cameras don't use radar they can't be detected by my trusty old radar detector.

Welcome to the family, it is

Welcome to the family, it is nice to have you with us.

Miss POI