Thanks for the information... Had NO IDEA a GPS could be that Useful!!!


Just got back from San Francisco Area, and wanted to post a big THANK YOU to all who have guided me in the right direction regarding POI's and other commenets...

We used the GPS daily, and I had NO IDEA that POI's could be as powerful and informative as they turned out to be!!

Two things come to mind.... Was in Santa Cruz, and wanted to pick up Picnic supplies.... For Kicks, I searched Trader Joe's and what do you think? We're .3 Miles from a Trader Joe's!!!

Same exact thing happened in Wine Country a few days later.... Decided to get some bread, cheese and fruit to picnic at a Winery..... Poi's.... Trader Joes.....
Less than a Mile Away!!!

I can't believe how Important POI's Became!

All of you.... TAKE A BOW!!!!


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Welcome! You're exactly

Welcome! You're exactly right, most people don't realize how useful the GPS is with the POIs.

I have a friend who scoffs at GPS, because he's been able to go to many places with a paper map.

I guess you just have to use one before you realize how useful it can be. smile

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I second the BIG THANK YOU

Recently took a brief trip, and had the TomTom set to tell me about RR Xings. By God those were SO accurate and not one was missed. Thank you for providing us with safety tools!

How about other road hazards, like wildlife crossing areas, avalanche, rocks falling, sharp curves, slippery places? Just a thought.

However, thank you all so very much...

Ma Mano

Great idea! Please get

Great idea!

Please get started.

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POI's Importance

I have found that my Nuvi 680 doesn't always have the places I want, plus it is more difficult to find stuff than having POI's. Once you get the hang of how to put certain POI's in the correct directly, finding places is quick and easy. I'd be lost without the POI's on this site.

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Before getting our Garmin, my wife was dead set against getting a GPS, saying that "it was just an expensive toy", "she used maps all her life and it was good enough", etc., etc. Well, now that we have one, guess who wants to use it all the time! It has gotten us to some hard to find destinations, guided us on vacations, found gas in the middle of nowhere and has located us some great restaurants we would have never known about, among many other things. Now she won't leave home without it! Ha Ha!!!

They may not be perfect, but really come in handy when needed.

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On a tour

A friend convinced me to try a GPS several years ago when his family visited Paris. They took a bus tour of the city and were quickly confused as to where they were. They began marking Waypoints (on a Geko 201)and found that their favorite site was right behind their hotel, not marked on any map they had seen.

POIs is a must have. The

POIs is a must have.
The preloaded ones and the custom like red light cams.


I too am new to the world of the GPS in the car. And, I am finding my Nuvi 200w very useful when taking out of town trips