Can you see speed limit from mapsource ?


Hi everyone,

I have City Navigator North America NT 2010 and mapsource version 6.15.6 installed on my PC. From the mapsource program, is there anyway I can see the speed limit for certain roads, streets or highways?

It would be nice if I can able to see the speed limit from mapsource to plan my route.

Thank you

not available

The speed is only advisory on the unit its self, it does not work in mapsource. Do NOT rely on the speed limits to be 100% accurate, they are about 95% accurate.

etrex vista, Nuvi 350, Nuvi 650, Nuvi 750(3)

Speeds are off

I've found numerous discrepancies on the speed limit being displayed on my 255w and the actual speed sign on the road.

In a fight, the road sign wins every-time.