Iphone 3g and Nuvi 765T


Has anyone had any luck in pairing Iphone 3g OS 3.0 with Nuvi 765t?
I tried my luck but not much success. It pairs sometimes at first and then disconnects. It never transferred my address book from Iphone. I will appreciate your feedback if you have iphone and nuvi 765t.

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How are you trying to pair?

Are you having the 765T find the phone, or the phone find the 765T? Try the opposite of what you're doing and see if that does any better.

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iPhone connection

Yes, I have my wife's iPhone 3g paired to both mine & my wife's 765's & I also have my first generation iPhone paired to both 765's as well.

I've never had any trouble pairing them, however, I've been very disappointed with the sound quality once they are connected.

If your having trouble, you might want to give Garmin tech support a call, there might be a problem with your unit. I've always found their customer service to be among the best I've ever dealt with.

Best of luck.

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Sorry, I could not responde

Sorry, I could not responde back earlier. I had phone find 765t as well. They both pair without any problem but after they connect, soon after they disconnect.
Yesterday, I noticed when there is a successful connection, phone book also gets transferred. But the connection does not last very long. I was reading on Apple forum, lots of other people having smiliar problem.

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