Zumo 550 and rain


Zumo 550 and Rain Storm
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QuoteModifyRemoveThe other day I ran into one of our great south Texas thunderstrom.

While riding thought the storm my Zumo 550 shut down. When I tryed to turn it back on, it would not come up. I waited till I got home to try an restart, but it would still not start up. I took the battery out and found a little bit of moisture on the inside. I wiped it out and let it stand for a few hours. Hooked battery back up and it came back on.

I know that it is not waterproof, but in was not submerger under water. The rain storm should not effect it that way.

If you see it was going to rain, not only would you have to put rain grear on , but also a bag over the zumo.

Have anyone else had this problem.


Luckily, I was at a stop

Luckily, I was at a stop sign when I saw imminent rain last weekend. I removed the zumo from the cradle, put it inside my tank bag and covered the cradle pins with the rubber cover.

I did not want to take my chances.

It can happen

I have heard of that happening to other folks, but I have not made that experience myself. Never been in downpour like that with the Zumo.
I heard that some folks use electrical grease on the pins. I wonder if that would be an option for the battery terminals. Just to keep the moisture out. I would also contact Garmin and tell them what happened.

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