Contributors of the Week 2009-06-22


This week we are recognizing AJ500 and Phranc.

AJ500 has done a fantastic job collecting all of the Fuelman Locations around the USA. I will be making a POI Package this week for this group of files.

Phranc, You have become one of our top posters. I love your humor and your helpfulness. It is really nice to have knowledgeable people like you in the crowd.

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Wow Cows!


Thanks for answering the call on Fuelman and Phranc, love your sense of humor. Wish I had one.

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to AJ500 & Phranc.

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Great job AJ500 and

Great job AJ500 and Phranc.Keep up your good work all of us appreciated it.

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Congratulations,AJ500 and Phranc.your work is greatly appreciated. Thanks for all your help Keep it up. grin grin
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Garmin nuvi,750


Job well done!

Contributors of the Week 2009-06-22

Congrats and thank you to both for a job well done.

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We appreciate your efforts and hard work! Thank you for your contributions.

Well I'll be a... Thanks, I

Well I'll be a... Thanks, I never thought I'd get that. I'm retired, a semi couch potato, and I really enjoy interacting with the rest of the community, helping where I can.

I'm glad to have been able to contribute.

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to both AJ500 and Phranc,thanks for your dedication,and hard work.

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AJ500 and Phranc

Thank you for your contributions.

I try to help whenever possible, but am frequently out shined by folks more talented than I.

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Fuelman and Phranc for all your hard work!!

Paul..... Nuvi 765T


Thanks Fuelman and Phranc. I appreciate your contribution.

a job well done

Kudos to both Fuelman and Phranc. Without all the COWS here, it would a sparse grazing area...or is that the other way around - grin

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Thanks for the award! Just happy to be able to contribute to such a rich source of POIs and helpful members.



Well done...

Congratulations... cool

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Well done.

Well done.

Moo to you both....

Good for you! Congrats...

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Thank you AJ500 and Phranc

Thank you AJ500 and Phranc for your great works you done.

Thanks a lot.

Congrats to both

Thanks for the contribution to the site.

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Thanks AJ500 and Phranc, you have done a good job. When traveling one never wants to run out of gas...


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Phranc and AJ500 this place would be nuttin with out ya'll.

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Congrats guys, you deserve

Congrats guys, you deserve it!