I have a question regarding POI's and the Nuvi 660


I have loaded all the free POI's from this site using the POI loader provided by Garmin into my Nuvi 660. My problem is that I can not find any custom POI's available under the custom POI section in my Nuvi, however I do see that the space is being taken up for the POI's based on the HD size decrease. I have also tryed just scanning for them manually by using the most available items like schools and post offices in my area, but they do not show up in my map at all as a POI. Did I screw this up already or is there more to this than using the loader to get them into my Nuvi, I did unzip the files prior to loading them. Thank you for any possible info or help.

nuvi 660

Some users have reported that nuvi 660 has troubles handling a large number of POIs. Here's a link to another topic that discusses loading too many POIs on nuvi 660.

Try reloading with just a few smaller files and check to see if they show up.


Nuvi 660 and Custom POI's

Try a smaller number of POI's (one or two POI files) and see if you can access those.

POI's do not integrate with the search capabilities of the unit. You will only be able to view them through "Extras". About the only searching you can do is to spell a name of a custom POI to find it.