Moab Utah - Top of the World Trail

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Last updated 09/06/2015

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Few OHV experiences can rival the fun of riding an ATV in Utah’s Moab backcountry. An endless variety of undulating and challenging terrain combined with spectacular scenery provide an unforgettable experience.

It’s easy to find your way around the small town of Moab. Main St (Hwy 191) runs north and south all the way through town. Center St and Main St, where Moab Information Center is located, marks the center of town. If you need lodging or camping, it is a good idea to call well in advance.

There are several places in Moab to rent ATV’s. Check for latest information or just drive down Main St. You should check Utah’s OHV Laws ( or call 800-648-7433.

Using your GPS for each trail
I have included Way Points for the trail. Also, in the description below, I have included complete instructions on the trail. I would print or copy the instructions off if you plan on using these Way Points.

Top of the World Trail

Highlights: A fun ride with rocky challenges. Dizzying views from high cliff looking down on Fisher Towers Recreation Site, Onion Creek and Castle Valley. First part of route after leaving Entrada Bluffs Road goes from easy to moderate. As you climb higher, rock ledges increase in size and become more difficult. Some of the largest ledges are located on the east side of loop. Be careful along cliff edge at top; there are no handrails.

Getting There: From north side of Moab, take Hwy 128 northeast along Colorado River about 30 miles to the Dewey Bridge. Turn right just before bridge on Entrada Bluffs Road. Continue east 0.3 miles to parking area on left.

  1. Staging (mile 0) – Head southeast on Entrada Bluffs Road from parking lot.
  2. WP1 (miles 5.0) – Bear right off main road following sign ti Top of the World.
  3. WP2 (miles 5.1/0.0) – turn right at 4-way intersection. Head south from wide parking area. (East is the Kokopelli Bike Trail also used by Jeeps and ATV's. The trail is extremely narrow with one dangerous, rocky ledge.
  4. (miles 0.3) – Road forks after fence. Right goes up narow, rocky chute. Left is easier.
  5. WP3 (miles 0.8) – Bear left at major fork.
  6. (miles 1.8) – Bear right where lesser road goes left.
  7. (miles 3.2) – Ledges become more difficult.
  8. WP4 (miles 3.4) – Bear right at start of loop. (You can go either way.)
  9. WP5 (miles 4.5) – After a series of increasingly rocky ledges, you reach the top where the trail becomes less obvious. The loop continues to left back down the hill. It becomes better defined as you descend.
  10. (miles 5.6) – Towards bottom of loop, rock ledges get bigger. Use caution.
  11. WP4 (miles 5.7) – Return to start of loop. If you liked the ledges, consider riding loop in reverse direction.
  12. Staging (mile 14.2) – Return to start.