POI category list - No POI found!


Hello everyone-

I just got my TomTom 130 for fathers day and found this site to add POI's to my GPS.

I followed along fine but I found something strange for a few POI files. Specifically:

McDonalds USA
Bank of America ATM

When I go to navigate or browse to a POI and bring up the POI Category list, the top 3 POI category's are all listed with a ". " i.e. ". Starbucks" and just a red square for an icon.

If I click on it I get a No POI found! error.

HOWEVER! if I browse down further I see the POI and the custom icon and it works fine.

I have added a few other POI's and icons with no problems. Is this a POI issue? Can I clean this up?

Thanks in advance!