Need Some Help


I am updating a poi file on Winger's Grill and Bar. I need some help from someone in or around Manchester Tn. There is a new Winger's there but the coord I found looks like it is putting it out on a road in the country.

The Address is
138 Relco Drive
Manchester, Tn 37355

If someone could check this for me I would appericate it. If not then I will call them.
Thanks question

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Relco Drive seems right

Says it's near a Walmart on that street, but you're right, the address you have is not where you would expect to find Wingers!

Try these coordinates: -86.046125, 35.455396

This is where the WM is on Hillsboro and from the street level photos there is some construction going on, but no way to determine a date. Might give the Super-8 on the next corner a call and see if the desk clerk knows where Wingers is if they haven't opened up yet. Web site just shows employment application, but newspaper story seems to say its open. Maybe you'll get a reply here from someone who knows for sure.

What tosses mud into the gears is that the search for Relco puts the pin on Doak Rd. Relco might be the name of the street going into a strip mall near Walmart.

Good Luck

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Need Some Help

Thanks TXRVer, I was think that after I posted. will look up walmart and see where it shows I will also try the coord you sent.

johnm405 660 & MSS&T